Tuesday, January 29, 2013

String Bean Theory

Wow! I've not blogged since 2009. Using Facebook instead has kept me out of my own loop. I've always hated, hated, hated string beans. I hate them with a passion. If I hated my own sin nature the way I hate string beans, I'd be much better off. There are four basic responses you can have to my hatred of string beans: 1. Apathy. I really don't care if you're apathetic or not. 2. Acceptance. Thank you for that. I don't need any approval, but thanks anyway. 3. Argumentative. Actually there are a few sub categories here. A. Really? You hate string beans? Well, that's because, you've never had my Aunt Emma's String Bean Surprise Souffle. That tastes better than whatever you've had before.... I know I've never had your Aunt Emma's String Bean Surprise Souffle...I've also never been smacked in the face with your Uncle Pete's ball-peen hammer...does the fact that it belongs to him mean it will hurt less? I think not. B. Oh yeah! Well let me tell you something right now buddy. My Aunt Emma owned a The String Bean Souffle Diner back in my home town and she worked hard to keep it going, and my Uncle Pete sold his ball-peen hammer collection to help her start it. So you better change your attitude right now! C. Hey I like string beans. My feelings are hurt. 4. Arbitrary Unrelated Statement. I gotta go potty Often in conversation, Someone will say "I love ________" or "I never liked ______." Doesn't matter what you fill in the blank with, The point is if someone has an opinion you disagree with, who cares? Hey, I'm guilty of all of those argumentative responses, as well as the 4th response. But, that doesn't make any of them right...it just makes me wrong. Roman's 14:1 ESV As for the one who is weak in faith, welcome him, but not to quarrel over opinions.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Pediatric Clinic

Pediatric Urgent Care Clinic






Pediatrics is the branch of medicine concerned with the care and development of children and with the prevention and treatment of children's diseases. Source: Encarta Dictionary.

The Pediatric Urgent Care Clinic is a resource for all children served by the Providence and Warwick Hospital. It is a fast-growing service that has served many children over the past twelve months. We welcome all to our clinic


Interested? Check out our hours.




Has it been this long since I've blogged???

I've been doing just Facebook too much. I'll try to blog later today.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Random Thought

OK first I should be in bed and asleep by now, but I'm not. Surprised? Well you shouldn't be. After all I'm typing this note, so it's obvious I'm awake.

Anyway, here's just a random thought:

Since men can not get pregnant, then isn't a "woman's right to choose" a special right?

I mean, we all have EQUAL rights under the US Constitution don't we? So since men can't have abortions and since men can't make a woman have one either, then it seems to me that a "woman's right to choose" is a special right that would only apply to certain people.

Does that make sense? It does to me.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009


My friend Jeff stated on Facebook that Congress is talking about taxing video games since sitting on the couch and playing them causes obesity.

OK that's stupid enough as it is. However, it did get me to thinking [which is often dangerous]. Let's look into other unhealthy activities that we can tax.

Sex:. After all, STDs and multiple babies cause health problems. So let's tax any and all sex related items. Condoms; Playboy; Viagra; Fertility drugs [Remember OCTOMOM?]; Trips to Argentina [HA!]; bikinis; strippers; Adultery [oh wait, I covered that with the Argentina trips].

I could go on, but I'd just be told "Stop it Roger".

Atheism: Studies show that no matter what religion someone is, prayers help when someone is sick. Therefore if an atheist gets sick and it would be a violation of his Constitutional rights to to pray for him against his will, then we should tax his atheism.

Stupidity:Stupid people cause stress in others. For example, I used to work customer service. Every time someone acted like an idiot, they should be taxed for the stress it caused me since that is a health risk.

Taxes: Since most taxes cause stress and stress is unhealthy, let's just tax taxes.

Success:Success is stressful so let's tax it. Oh wait, the Democrats have been doing that for years now, it's called Socialism.

Non-Pet Ownership: It's been said that pet ownership lowers blood pressure. Therefore anyone that does not own a pet should be taxed.

Cats: There needs to be special tax on cats. I know, I know. I just said pets lower blood pressure. But, I hate cats so let's tax them.

These are just a few ideas, anyone want to add their own?

Friday, July 3, 2009


Today is July 3rd. Tomorrow we--supposedly--celebrate the freedom[s] we have in the good ol' USA.
When I was a kid, the Redford side of the family held a huge reunion every weekend around the
4th. However, we don't do that anymore because the family is too big and it's too hot for my elderly relatives to be comfortable.

I've been thinking about "freedom" for a day or so now. It's true that our freedoms are slowly eroding. Big Bubba Government under both Republican and Democrat leaders has become bigger and bigger. It seems that no one can do anything for themselves anymore and they all want Washington or their state capitols to do it for them. Government used to be respected and used to be respectable. Now, they're really neither.

Government "bailed out" a few companies, and now acts as if they are the owners of those companies. A Communist dictator is being supported in Honduras by our current president. We are slowly losing our freedoms, and I think it may get worse.

When Bill Clinton was leaving office someone at my work said "He should be in office for a 3rd term." I told her it was illegal. She said "WHY? Just because some man wrote it on a piece of paper." Yep, and that paper is called the Constitution. See? Society wants to continue to get dumber and dumber and wants more Big Bubba Government to take care of them.

That said and without getting into all of the freedoms that we've lost, I am happy to live here.
As I said above, I used to do a family reunion on the 4th. This year, the 4th is on a Saturday. My church will hold its regular Saturday service and after, we'll have a 4th celebration at the church.

We still have the freedom to love Jesus. Sure, it's getting harder and harder for us to express that publicly without being called names. And at some point in the future we may need to celebrate His love in secret, but we can still love Him.

And it's not just political freedom we have. Since Jesus died for our sins, we are free in His love. Free from the laws of sin and death. Not because the law ceases to apply to us, or we've been give a get out of jail free card. But, because He has paid the price.

So let's love our country while we can, and let's celebrate His love and our freedom forever.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Lollipops and Legacies

My church buys countless lollipops to hand out to kids [and the occasional adult] after services. My friend David was the church's "Lollipop Man."

I've known David for over 20 years. First at another church. At that church Dave was one of the only male children's workers. He worked with them since he was a teenager. After I left that church, I "church hopped" for awhile. I finally found Seacoast

Within a week or two of starting there God spoke to my heart and told me to go back to the church I grew up in and get Dave. I discovered he wasn't happy there anymore so he started coming to Seacoast with me. He joined and within a few months he started in the children's ministry. He had to drop out for a short time but then he started again. This time he didn't' stop. . He worked at our church in the maintenance dept. He was so committed to the children's ministry that he even took his annual vacation time to do Vacation Bible School.

Dave loved kids and kids loved him. He found his place giving of his time and of himself. Over the 20 plus years that I knew him, he'd often say that he understood that we have awards awaiting us on the other side of Paradise. He would tell me that he'd be happy with just a one room shack. I agree that a one room shack in Heaven will be better than anything here.

David did go to Heaven about a week ago. I've been thinking about that lately. I think he has more than a "one room shack" he had hoped for. I began to imagine what if every child he was with was a room in that mansion. What if every parent was a room because they were able to come to a church where their child was in good hands. What if every lollipop was a room?

I won't go into the math here but a rough estimate is that his mansion would probably have over a million rooms.

What about you? David's legacy can be symbolized by handing out lollipops to kids. Because he took joy in taking the time to remember that kids matter too, he'll have a special place.

Are you handing out a legacy? I don't care if you work with children like he did or if you work with senior citizens, adults, teens, animals...whatever you are lead to work with.

Just remember, whatever your "lollipop" is...it is a legacy so please treat it as such.